What is the SCFP? Stokes Croft Food Project was born in response to the Covid-19 outbreak in the UK and is a community initiative created by Jamaica Street Stores and Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft. While assessing the bigger picture, and our position within it, it quickly became clear to us that the people who needed our help most were on our own doorstep; local vulnerable families and individuals, especially the street community, who would require hot sustainable meals.

What we’ve done so far… Before any enforced lockdown, at the dawn of the outbreak, we changed Jamaica Street Stores from a full-service restaurant into a production kitchen providing simple yet nutritious and delicious meals for free. Supported by local business’ and public donations, we are currently providing 250+ meals a week distributed by SCFP directly to those in need and we also help to supply other local food initiatives. Not exclusively for the homeless, our services are here for everybody and anybody that feels like they currently need support.  Inclusivity is at the core of what we do. Everyone is welcome.

Pay What you Feel… While we strive to arrive at the new normal, the need for hot nutritious meals in our community is going nowhere. With this in mind, Stokes Croft Food Project will remain in residence at Jamaica Street Stores.   Meals will be available 12-2pm Monday to Friday. The will be a limit to the amount of people we can feed and meals will be served on a strictly first come first serve basis. In return we ask guests to “Contribute What You Can”, time, money, produce, resources are always welcome, however, regardless,  you are always more than welcome to eat with us. Our project is kindly supported by Fareshare, Bristol Food Union, and Peoples Republic Of Stokes Croft and many other local business. That being said, we still need your support to keep this service alive, every little helps and we welcome a donation however big or small. Your generosity WILL make a difference.

Food will be served through the hatch on Jamaica street until it is safe for us to all eat together. Please respect the views of others. Please keep 2m away from individuals from other households at all times.

£0 – the amount you are obliged to contribute

£2.5 – this covers the cost of your lunch

£5 – pays for you and someone in need to have a nutrition delicious meal



01179 249 294
37 - 39 Jamaica Street BS2 8JP